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The land of amazing natural beauty, Rajasthan is a land of surprises and can mesmerize even the most seasoned traveler. Spectacularly set within surrounding rugged hills and dotted with majestic forts and intricately carved palaces. The wonderful amalgamation of age old traditions, intriguing cultures and warm welcoming hospitality can be only experienced in Rajasthan. Whenever you travel around this circuit, you will come across the unexpected, be it the palaces of Jaipur or the breathtaking Ranthambore National Park. While Ajmer and Pushkar are a haven for the religiously inclined, Pushkar is also the venue of one of the country’s most colourful cattle fair. The fusion and brilliance of the places can astound a visitor. This circuit will not let you get bored even for a second. It is all about colour and history.

This morning you are picked up from your Delhi hotel and travel by private car to Rajasthan and the famous city of Jaipur. Your driver may not be as fluent in English as your local guides, but he will have an excellent understanding of travellers needs and will travel at a comfortable pace throughout your journey. Jaipur is known as the "pink city" with its buildings of pink and orange hues and it's a wonderful place to see the colour of Rajasthan and its people. The palaces and forts of yesteryear that witnessed royal processions and splendour are now integrated into the daily life of Jaipur. Even your accommodation for 2 nights is a 19th century mansion with period furniture in the rooms, extravagant chandeliers in the dining room and decor resembling a hunting lodge in the sitting room. The gardens and swimming pool make this a haven nestled in downtown Jaipur.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a safe haven for a wide and colorful range of wildlife. The landscape of Rajasthan broadly varies from the infertile arid wilderness, dense scrub-thorn woods, rocks and gorges to swamps and lush, very thick grassy woodlands. And each of these huge parts is a beautiful home for a big diversity of amazing endangered beasts and bird life. Some of them rare while some seriously scarce. 

The state houses tigers, black bucks, chinkara, the sporadic desert fox, the greatly threatened caracal, the great Indian bustard, gavial, monitor lizard, wild boars, and porcupine. Exotic traveling birds like the common crane, ducks, coots, pelicans and the rare Siberian cranes, imperial sand grouse, falcons, buzzards herd to this land throughout the bitter chilly winter months. Large characteristic zones strongly demonstrating each of the ecologies have been reserved as vast singular wildlife extents. Rajasthan proudly lays claim to two National Parks, over a dozen Sanctuaries and two Closed Areas. Most of these wide expanses are open to tourists and guests ceaselessly around the year but remain shut temporarily through the rainy season.

Ranthambore National Park
This park lies in the shadow of the Aravalli and Vindhya mountain ranges and covers a core area of 275 sq km (106 sq miles). Its razor-sharp ridges, deep boulder-filled gorges, lakes and jungles are the habitat of carnivores such as the caracal.

Desert National Sanctuary
This fascinating park is spread over 3,162 sq km (1,221 sq miles) of scrub and sandy wasteland, close to the border with Pakistan. Its star attraction is the great Indian bustard (Choriotis nigriceps), a large bird with a height of 1.2 m (4 ft).


The Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary covers 578 sq km (223 sq miles) of the Aravalli Hills, west of the fort, on the leeward side. Panther, flying squirrel, wolf and many bird species can be seen here. The Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary will come as a surprise to those who see Rajasthan only as a desert state. 

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